In choosing the design for your house, it is always a good idea to make sure that the house does not only feel comfortable but should also fit your budget. After all, not everyone can afford to build and maintain a mansion!

That’s why it is also good to buy or build a house that’s just the right size for your family. You can always improve and expand it later.

This lovely home is just the right size, with a simple layout that still looks great. It features lovely accents on the outside and beautiful interiors that you’ll love to live in.

Modern House Design

Made of concrete with glass windows and aluminum screen door, this house looks good on the outside. It even has a merlion design at the front wall while stone-inspired tiles also add curb appeal, especially when matched with a garden nook.

The house also makes use of color-roof material on top of steel trusses. This makes the house a sturdy and safe place to live in.

Artsy Interiors

You’ll truly be proud of this beautiful home that comes with artsy interiors, with lots of plants to brighten up the place. Just like the exteriors, there are also plenty of lovely accents inside the house. Even the furniture pieces have ornate designs.

Bright yellow curtains also add splashes of color in this beautiful house.

Native Vibe

It is surprising for this house to have such modern features but still retaining its native vibe. That’s thanks to the ornate wood furnishings and real plants in the interiors. Even the cabinet used for the flat-screen TV is made of wood, with plenty of drawers for various multi-media items, small gadgets, and whatnots.

Surprisingly, the ceilings have a lavender hue. This house would cost around Php1.4 million.