Built for a budget of less than Php1 million, this beautiful house style is a popular option for families, especially because it has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a modern design that you can truly be proud of. There’s a nice porch at the front as the main entryway to your home.

This stylish home makes use of concrete walls, glass windows and doors, steel railings and accents, and sandstone tiles for the wall and post accents.

With a flat roof that slopes towards the back, this house features a nice design that is also economical. And while this home mostly uses shades of grey on the exteriors, you can always opt for brighter colors to make your house stand out.

Superb Style

Even from the outside, this house is already quite impressive despite its small size. The superb style features different designs that actually create a stunning appearance. It is easy to see that the architects put attention to detail in designing this house.

The grey theme goes all the way to the back, though the sandstone accents are only used at the front wall.

Striking Porch, Beautiful Interiors

Stepping inside the porch already gives you the idea of how beautiful this house is. The patterned grey tiles add interest to the spot, but the focal point of the porch is its stylish ceiling.

The sliding glass doors lead to the beautiful interiors, with walls painted in white to brighten up the space. But the bedrooms are painted in lovely blue color that looks soothing to the eyes. The bedrooms also have stylish ceilings painted mostly in white but feature black accents.

Superb Kitchen, Cute Bathroom

The kitchen has a black and white theme that looks extra stylish – and just perfectly so because the kitchen is actually located right beside the living room and is directly viewed from the front door.

There is just one bathroom in this 3-bedroom house, but it is something you can be proud of. It features interesting tile prints and a charming PVC door with dolphins on the glass portion.