What are the best features to choose for your home? That really depends on your preferences, but for some, they would love to have a nice hangout such as a roof deck or large porch. This house lets you have a nice space for hanging out at the roof deck but also features a porch and a carport that can also double as extra hangout or an extended living room. It also features a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, and comfortable bedrooms.

A house that you can build even in limited lot space, this one features a low-level fence with a sliding gate that directly opens to the carport.

Modern House with a Nice Roof Deck

The main part of the house is set on the first floor, but you can hang out at the nice roof deck that also has a roof so you can enjoy this spot any time of the day. You get to access the roof deck through a spiral staircase that adds beauty to this spot.

The walls of the house are painted mostly in white or cream, but grey accents can also be found all over the place.

For added style, the fence even matches the deck’s steel railings and posts.

Stylish Interiors, Lots of Space

It’s always nice to stay in a home with lots of space so you don’t have to bump into stuff when you need something. Plus, there’s space for everyone to have a good time together or spend some quiet time on their own.

There’s a spacious living room at the front, with the space maximized by the sliding glass doors and windows.

The ceiling looks great and matches the design used in the dining area and kitchen.

Modern Kitchen, Beautiful Bedrooms

The kitchen looks superb and features a bar at one spot and space for a dining area. Granite countertops and backsplash grace the L-shaped design, while the built-in cabinets have sleek doors and hardware.

You’ll also love the bedrooms in this house. They’re still bare and have few furnishings, but that gives you a free hand to decorate with your preferred style.

To ensure that the roof deck is safe, it’s best to set aside a budget of at least Php2.5 million to build this fabulous home.