Every single one of us had a picture of our own dream house inside our pretty little head. We often wonder when will be able to achieve it.

Some people were able to build it and even have multiple houses while people, on the other hand,don’t and often resort to rent a house or live with their parents.

When I was a kid I remembered being asked what type of house would I want and I will always picture it as something big and luxurious, but as I grew older I realized its not that simple there are so many things you need to consider.

Houses often resonates the owners personality by just looking at their house, you can already say so much to the homeowner.

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Beautiful Houses Style That Will Steal Your Heart

Here’s a list of 10 house style you often see in a Filipino home and would say a lot about the owner’s personality.

1. Cozy and Simple

A cozy and simple house gives a homey feeling not just for the owners but also to its visitors. It creates a simple and contented life of the homeowners.

2. Chic and Stylish

Chic and stylish people don’t say they are like that, but as you observed how they dress, see the things they possess and style their own home, you will easily know.

3. Bright and Colorful

This house style is usually owned by people with a jolly personality. Their house has a radiant vibe.

4. Fun and Eclectic

Usually owned by a free-spirited person. It’s a house which has no specific style.

5. Modern and Minimalist

It’s a modern type of house that speaks simplicity in any form. From the materials used to build it to its interior decorations.

6. Country and Rustic

You can commonly see this style of house in provinces. It is usually made out of wood which is abundant in the province.

7. Small and Unique

Filipinos are clever and have always wild imagination. They can make something unique and special even with pieces of crap. Just like building their house, they seize the opportunity to build something distinctive from the rest.

8. Stylish and Comfy

Comfy home gives the serenity you would want after a week of stress, noise, and pollution of the city.

9. Traditional and Homey

Filipinos are family oriented people, for them, family always comes first. The traditional homey house gives the impression of looking back on how things were before.

10. Elegant and Enviable

A style that combines modern and traditional architecture which creates an attractive and aesthetic house.

Source: Homify