Set on the second floor with mostly empty spaces on the first floor, this beautiful modern house is the perfect design for flood-prone areas or in places where you wish to take advantage of the beautiful view.

Designed to look like a 2-story house but with all of a house’s elements on the second floor, this home would be perfect for a location with a great view. The modern design features flat roofs that contour over the different parts of the home while the first floor also looks stylish even if the main house is one the top.

Huge glass windows are also used around the house to let you admire the view anytime you like.

Perfect Design

Perfectly designed with large spaces for everything, this home is a great place to stay. The huge balcony looks out to the lovely view below while the first floor space is also perfect as a secondary living room or activity area.

Stylish walls and strong posts support the house from the first floor while there are accents everywhere to make the house look more beautiful.

Great Interiors

What’s so wonderful about this house is that it got lots of spaces for everything. The living room is huge and has large windows for natural light. It would be easy to keep the house cool, thanks to these huge windows.

Each room is large and has white walls. Again, the huge windows easily look out to the views beyond the house.

Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms

Set in black and white, the modern kitchen looks fantastic. It also has a nice stainless steel sink and sleek granite countertops. Glossy tiles in black and white perfectly match the cabinets with the same color scheme.

Even the bathroom is modern, with a glass shower enclosure and white brick tiles similar to the ones used in the kitchen.

To make sure this house looks great and remains strong, at least Php2.5 million was spent on its construction.