In this beautiful modern house with grey walls and orange accents, there are 2 bedrooms and a nice bathroom. Built with 82sqm of space, this house features nice construction work at an affordable price.

Looking fresh and bright, this house has a welcoming porch with steel tubes as railings, painted in black. The porch is large enough for some chairs and a table for hanging out. This would also make a nice spot for reading a book or enjoying some snacks.

Yet the interiors are in white, creating an illusion of space and keeping the house looking neat and clean.

Beautiful Exteriors

The exteriors are in light grey and some dark grey tones plus orange accents. This creates a nice look that appeals to the eye even from afar.

This color scheme wraps around the house while the porch features terracotta tiles that mimic bricks in herringbone pattern. Glass windows let natural light in while the huge sliding glass doors are truly welcoming to your home.

Fresh Interiors

With white walls, the fresh interiors give you more freedom to decorate the space in whatever prints you wanted on the furnishings, curtains, and artwork. Even the ceilings are in white.

However, one of the rooms is painted in pink, though the other remains white like the rest of the house.

Well-Designed Floor Plan

The well-designed floor plan ensures that there is ample space for everything. There’s a separate room for the kitchen that’s also the space connecting the house to the back area through a wooden door, also painted in white.

The L-shaped counters have black granite tiles and a grey backsplash made of brick-inspired tiles. Designed for modern appliances, the kitchen looks stylish and has plenty of electrical outlets within reach.

Built at an affordable price of around Php1 million, this 2-bedroom house is a superb option for your family.