5+ Photos of a Beautiful Native House with a Modern Vibe

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While many people now prefer to live in high-rise condo units or other modern homes with conveniences right within their fingertips, there are still many who love to live in a simple native house, as close to nature as possible.

Just like this beautiful native house with a modern vibe, perfect as vacation home or for small families.

Built-in a native setting, with bamboo and other plants all around, it is easy to picture a garden with lots of vegetables and fruits all around this lovely home.

The porch is perfect for relaxation or enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a good book. The double doors open directly to the main part of the house, with an open plan that brings the living room, bedroom, and kitchen together in one place.

A four-post bed completes the look of this beautiful house, actually complementing with the overall look of the native home.

Thus, it feels but natural to have that bed right next to the living room; just make sure to choose nice covers and sheets that won’t clash with the house design.

Sheer curtains give an illusion of privacy for the bedroom area.

With plenty of windows all over this house, made of wood to keep up with the theme, there’s no need for air conditioning in this native home. Instead, ceiling fans help with air circulation while still complementing the design.

A small kitchen with modern appliances is set right beside the bedroom. But that’s perfectly alright because the house is more for escaping the busy life and for relaxation rather than for entertaining a lot of visitors.

You can place a TV at the foot of the bed, but you can ditch that altogether in case you really want to just enjoy nature in this house.

Built-in wooden cabinets or shelves with wicker baskets complete the native look of this home.

I really can picture myself living in his lovely native house! Great to have some chickens around, too!

Photos by: Happy Home / Facebook