An Elegant Native House With An Inviting Porch And Lovely Gardens

Native homes never really run out of style. They can look great and many people continue to wish that they can have a home like it. Just like this beautiful native house that features lovely gardens and a porch. The interiors are might be small but they look elegant, thanks to carefully picked furnishings and accents. This home even has two bedrooms and a nice kitchen at the back.

The exteriors of this house have amakan walls held in place by bamboo slats painted in black for accent. Yet the interiors have smooth walls and shiny ceilings. It’s like the interiors have been completely transformed into a modern home.

Lovely Gardens, Nice Porch

There’s a lot to love about this home. The lovely gardens perfectly complement the native look, with lots of hanging plants also gracing the front porch.

It would be such a joy to hang out at the porch and enjoy a good book or have a cup of coffee after the end of a busy day.

Comfortable Living Room

The compact space leaves only a small spot for the living room, but it remains a comfortable hangout thanks to the oversize sofa. This can even convert into a sofa bed and be used as an extra bed if you have guests around.

The interiors are painted yellow in a shade that’s still soothing to the eyes. Curtains come in gold and white, creating an elegant look.

Beautiful Bedrooms

You’ll love the beautiful bedrooms in this house, both of which have windows that have elegant curtains to match. The wood beds have thick mattresses that can be comfortable to rest on.

Although the furnishings in the rooms are simple, care was taken to make sure they don’t add clutter to the compact space.

Modern Kitchen

Set at the back portion of the house, this modern kitchen features L-shaped counters for added sufficiency.

There’s also a small but functional bathroom beside the kitchen.

Depending on various factors, such as types of materials used, this house can cost you anywhere from Php300,000 to Php500,000 or more.