With a living space of 75 sq. m. and 2 bedrooms, this beautiful sing-story house features a charming porch and gable roof. But what makes it a great choice for the family is that it comes with a good price tag at just about Php1.4 million ($28,500).

Built with a white steel structure, this rust-proof home is painted in green. Dark green is used as a base while the upper part is in pastel green that makes the place pleasing to the eyes. Wood siding is used on the outer walls while smart boards are used in interior walls.

White trim is used around the glass windows and the doors.

Main Entrance and Porch Area

Three steps lead to the porch area of this house, set in a platform that raises the structure by 50cm above the ground.

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The built-in seat at the porch features wood red-brown backrest for added comfort. The floor of the porch has black and white patterned tiles; though you can opt to change this to a simpler design for your home.