For some, the grandeur of their home is a factor when choosing a place to live in. But for most, the only thing important is that their family will have a safe place to stay and they have a place to secure their privacy, this is why having a small house does not matter as long as it serves its purpose.

Because of this, more and more people are now getting attracted to having small houses, not to mention the added bonus that you’ll surely pay less electricity and water bill if you have a small house. The mortgage (if you have) will also not break your bank.

The small house design we have for you today.

This incredibly small house has a floor area of 60 square meters with a lot area of 164 square meters. It’s true what they say that when it comes to houses, it’s not about the size.

This small house is packed with everything a family can need in their everyday living.

It has 2 bedrooms, both on the east end with the Master’s bedroom enjoying the front space. It has a small porch that provides the main entry to the living room.

The dining room is slightly longer. Extended on the west side to provide more space for the doorways of both rooms. At the back part is the kitchen and the toilet and bath, as well as the service door.

The small lot is also optimized to still provide a 1-car garage. This little but amazing house proves that it really is not important how big your house is.

As long as you are all safe and you can live your life properly, then you already have all you need.

Here are some photos of this cute house for your reference:




Source Photo Pinoyeplans