This beautiful white house features two bedrooms, an elegant design, a nice carport next to the porch, and lovely bedrooms with stunning views from creative windows. There’s really so much to love about this charming home, thanks to the lovely accents that also upgrade its curb appeal. The vintage Beetle matches its charming look, but this place would also look great with your modern vehicle.

White is used for the interior and exterior walls, creating a clean yet nice look. The white walls also create a stunning contrast with the wood accents used for this home, plus the wood-inspired tiles, too.

Stylish House Design, Charming Porch

The roof tiles lend elegance to this Mediterranean-style house, while the woodworks also make it look even more beautiful.

Modern lamps are used to illuminate the area at night, while also adding to its charm. There’s a charming porch at the front, although this might not be ideal as a hangout unless you extend the space towards the portion beyond the roof.

Elegant Interiors, Café-Inspired Dining Area

This elegant home has Japanese-style seats with cushions that you can, of course, upgrade to the sofa of your choice.

Huge windows let natural light in, while the unique window designs make them decorative pieces, too.

There’s a small dining area towards one end, with a café-inspired look. Although this place only has a few chairs in the dining spot, you always have the option to add more.

Beautiful Bedrooms, Compact Floor Plan

This charming home features two beautiful bedrooms set each at one corner.

The compact floor plan ensures that there’s no wasted space in this house. So, the living room is set at the middle, creating a seamless flow towards the bedroom and the separate kitchen set at the back of the house.

You can also opt to knock down the wall to the kitchen so that it will become bigger and connect directly to the dining area.

This gorgeous house might cost around Php2.2 million to build.