It’s not always easy to find a great design for your house that would suit your needs and budget. But a house like this could never go wrong because it will always be in style. Plus, you’ll love having such a big deck that doubles as the outdoor living room where you can receive your visitors or hang out with the family. This lovely house also features two stylish bedrooms and a nice bathroom.

Unlike many raised wood houses built directly over soil but with cement posts, this gorgeous home is set on a flat cemented surface. This might be more expensive than simply using the cement posts, but it is better in the long run for a sturdier house that’s less prone to termite attacks. Just make sure to have the ground and wood treated, of course.

This Wood House has a Huge Deck

What are you looking for as the main feature of your house?

The answer varies among homeowners, of course, but many prefer something that looks great and can be a useful spot in the house. That’s where the deck comes in. This huge space can be a nice hangout and would also look good with a canopy or a large beach umbrella.

You’ll also love the beautiful house design that makes use of wood for most of the materials, glass for the windows, and clay roof tiles or long-span colored roofs if you prefer that option.

Stylish Interiors & Windows Galore

The floor plan of this house looks good, with two bedrooms that have lots of vertical glass windows, also enclosed in wood.

The deck itself doubles as the living room while the nice bathroom is set towards the end.

Although this house design appears to be more of a resort accommodation or guest house, you can always put a modern kitchen at one end or at the side.

Wood House floor plan

Several factors affect house construction costs, but be prepared to spend at least Php1 million to build this fancy wood house.