Wooden homes always have this special appeal to many would-be homeowners, what with their stylish designs that make you feel proud you own such a beautiful home. This one comes with a lovely porch at the front, creative interiors with floor-to-ceiling wood materials, and glass with wood frames on the doors and windows.

A beautiful place to live in for your family, this home features just one bedroom but you can opt to build an extension as the kids grow bigger. This could also make a great vacation home or a guest house at your property.

Stylish yet sturdy roofing material is used for this home.

Welcoming Porch in a Modern Cottage

It’s the first place that your visitors get to explore – that’s why the welcoming porch is the perfect addition to this lovely home. The built-in porch ensures that you don’t need to buy extra furniture for this spot.

This modern cottage makes use of mixed materials to create a stylish home with a native theme. It would actually be perfect if you also put a lot of plants all around this home. A lush garden would perfectly complement this woodsy look.

Creative Interiors, Impressive Accents

This house is built mostly with wood materials from the floors up to the ceilings. But impressive accents are used to break the monotony, ensuring that this won’t be a boring place to live in.

Because the house is mostly in brown, you can use bright prints to bring colors to this home or opt for white furniture and curtains to create the perfect contrast that actually looks pleasing to the eyes.

One Bedroom, Huge Living Room

There’s only one bedroom in this modern wood cottage but the living room is huge and could always double as an extra bedroom at night. Just make sure to pick furniture that can be converted to beds, if needed.

Because there are plenty of wood materials used in this cottage, it would cost at least Php1.5 million to build this one.