Kids love to play and have fun. So, what better way to let kids be kids than to make sure their bedrooms are cool places where they can enjoy while also have a place to rest and grow?

While not all kids are lucky enough to have their own bedrooms, you can still decorate a space in the common family bedroom. Make sure to choose creative designs for your children’s beds so they can have a great spot to call their own, whether they own a room or share it with a family member.

Aside from picking out cute designs that match your child’s preferences, it is also a good idea to make the bed a functional place where your kid can have enough space to put things. This is a good way to teach children how to keep their place tidy and neat, while also providing them a private space where they can weave their dreams.

Beds with storage options are always a good deal, because you get lots of storage space for your kids to put their belongings – whether that may be books or toys or clothes and shoes. You can choose the right bed with the best storage options depending on your child’s age and needs.

But for the best value for your money, choose a bed that could grow along with your child or has styles that can easily convert from a toddler’s cutesy spot to a teenager’s private hangout.

Your kids might not yet be old enough to study, a bed with a table and drawers would still make a great addition to their room.

Why? Because for young kids, the table can be used as an extra spot where they can play. As the kid grows, this play area can easily convert into a study table.

Check out these 30+ photos of beds for kids, with cool designs and storage options for you to choose from.








































Some parents go for the traditional pull-out beds with special designs that make the space unique, but others pick the ones that truly bring out the child’s imagination and dreams.

Image credits: House Designing