30 Best Bahay Kubo Designs You Can Use as ‘Tambayan’ or Home for Small Families

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In the Philippines and many parts of Asia, native house designs are quite a common sight in a lot of places. Even people with grand homes often choose to make a smaller Bahay Kubo either as ‘tambayan’ (place to hang out) or a place to relax in on hot days.

The Bahay Kubo design is versatile. It is perfect as a structure that you can build directly on bare land as long as you put a sturdy base, preferably cemented foundations to keep the house steady.

This also helps deter termites from easily reaching the wooden portions of the Bahay Kubo.

Pro tip: Have the wood treated to ensure that termites won’t eat up the structure from the inside!

The Bahay Kubo is perfect for many environments – and you can easily see many of these at the beach, up the mountains, near the streams, even over water and set on stilts, or at high-end subdivisions.

For use specifically as ‘tambayan’, it is best to build a Bahay Kubo with more open spaces.

Creating one that doesn’t have walls is preferable as this ensures a cooler hangout.

But even in beach houses, the Bahay Kubo would also be perfect if you add a room or two for privacy.

This is where you or your guests can take a rest, or perhaps the room could be a space for you to change clothes before taking a dip at the pool or hit the beach.

The design for the Bahay Kubo with a balcony and private room is not just perfect as tambayan but would also be great as a home for a small family.

There are plenty of options for the balcony portion. While it would be a good idea to put this under the roof, an open area is also a nice spot to hang out if the bahay Kubo is placed under a tree or is simply used as hangout at hours when the sun isn’t up in the sky.