While most homes these days are built of concrete because such is sturdy, safe, and lasts a lifetime, there are also lots of other great materials that homebuilders use to create beautiful homes.

For instance, did you know that bamboo is a versatile material that can be used for many applications at home?

While this grass material is less sturdy and certainly has a shorter lifespan than that of concrete, there are many designs you can achieve with bamboo that you can’t do with concrete or other building materials.

Check out some of the best ways you can use bamboo to decorate your home:

Foliage and Landscape

It would take many years for bamboo to grow so tall and thick, but if you are lucky to have bought a property with lots of bamboo, you could actually opt to retain the plants and use these as natural foliage and landscape around your home.

Building Material

Bamboo is actually an excellent material for building a house. It can offer you versatile styles that is difficult to duplicate with concrete and steel. Just make sure to have the bamboo treated and dried before using them to build the house.

Wall Accents

Did you know that the wall accents on this home are actually made of bamboo strips?

Furniture and Accessories

Not only is bamboo great as building material, it is also perfect in creating furniture and various accessories around the home.

Tiles and Flooring

There are companies that concert bamboo into wood tiles. These tiles make beautiful accents on your floor.

Roofing Materials

A versatile material, bamboo could actually be used on the roof, too. There are many ‘Bahay Kubo’ in the provinces that make use of bamboo as a roof, but this would still look good even in modern facilities.

Fence Options

A lot of homes also make use of bamboo as fencing material around their home.

Bamboo Blinds

Artistic workers have also created bamboo blinds that are great for keeping the sun’s heat off some parts of the house. These would make a great addition to your porch or lanai.

Everything Bamboo

A combination of bamboo house materials and bamboo foliage is truly a wonderful idea!

Source: Homeridian