Many of us have good friends, best friends we think we can’t live without, but eventually, we just go on our separate ways after getting married and finding jobs far away from home. While we still manage to keep the friendship despite the distance, time brings us, new friends, though we also get to see old friends from time to time.

But a group of eight friends found the solution to that common problem by creating a tiny town of their own so that they can live near each other and actually grow old together, just like they planned! Isn’t that neat?

Building a Tiny Town

You can find this tiny town of best friends in Texas. It is inhabited by four couples, the best of friends.

Each of the cabins are self-sufficient, environmental-friendly, and cost around $40,000 each. These were designed by architect Matt Garcia who ensured that each cabin is sustainable and makes the most of its surroundings.

They named their tiny settlement as “Llano Exit Strategy”.