Big House for Big Dreams, with a Huge Kitchen and Spacious Living Room

If you have a big lot and some money to spare in building your home, then why not go directly for a big one so you won’t need to build extension rooms later? This house design can be the ideal inspiration, offering you with plenty of space for everything. It’s a big house for big dreams and comes complete with a huge kitchen, spacious living room, and large bedrooms, too.

Built on an expansive property, this house can be a great place to live in. Its exteriors are painted in different colors, creating a nice look that actually adds to its curb appeal.

This home also features flat roofs and stylish porch lights. There are also accents on the exterior walls.

Large Porch, Modern House Design

Having a large porch is certainly a big advantage to your home because this spot can be an extension to your living room, although that’s also a big space and could handle a lot of guests.

This modern home also features glass windows and double glass doors that make the place look even bigger. It’s really good to have so much space in your home.

Elegant Interiors, Great Layout

Large and beautiful, the living room can be a great hangout for the whole family.

You’ll also love the great layout of this house, with the living room at the front, rooms connected by the hallway, and a huge kitchen with a nice dining area at the back. Aside from this huge kitchen, there’s also an outdoor sink and large space for the laundry or extra washing area.

Stylish Bathroom

As expected, this house features a stylish bathroom that comes with stone-inspired grey walls and floors. The upper portions are in white, creating a nice contrast with the grey bottom.

This gorgeous house could cost around Php3.5 million.