Big House with Great Design, Lots of Spaces for Activities and Fun

Fancy a big house with lots of spaces for activities and fun? You can clearly have that in this beautiful house with a large porch at the front, a quiet spot for hanging out at one side, a huge living room, and comfortable bedrooms for you and the kids. This house also has nice bathrooms and a modern kitchen filled with the equipment your family needs for preparing your food.

This house uses grey for the exteriors, with white accents. But the interiors mostly use white paint, with some light grey wall accents for added interest.

Plants clearly make this place livelier and lovelier. They’re also soothing to the eyes.

Nice Porch and Deck, Dream House Design

There are lots of things to love about this home. It has a dream house design that many people will love, though you do need a lot of space to build this place. Plus, it would be perfect for this house to also have a lawn to maximize its beautiful design.

It features a porch at the front plus a separate deck at the side, beside the kitchen door. To keep the space neat, the house also had a concrete walkway that you can always opt to beautify with cobblestones.

Huge Living Room, Great Interior Design

Having a large space has its advantages, including a huge living room where you and your family can enjoy different activities. You can even put several sofas in this space so there are lots of comfortable spots for hanging out any time of the day. It’s also a perfect place for having movie marathons.

The house also has beautiful double doors.

Comfortable Bedrooms, Best Outdoor Kitchen

Relax in comfortable bedrooms with thick mattresses and a fancy headboard. The bedrooms also come with a nice dresser.

But the winning spot is the outdoor kitchen that’s similar to a resort. This is truly a grand home for you and your family.

It will cost you at least Php1.5 million to build this place.