If you need a palatial home for your family, then you can treat yourself to this grand home with an impressive design and multiple bedrooms with lovely styles. Every part of this house looks fantastic, from the spacious living room to the beautiful home office stations and modern kitchen.

It’s a house that you can truly be proud to call your home – and certainly a well-equipped, comfortable place to stay.

The exterior walls are painted with a mix of orange, white, and grey, while the interiors are done mostly in white. This lets you decorate the interiors to any style you like.

Superb House Design for a Grand Home

A fantastic place to stay in, this grand home looks great even from afar. It has a commanding appearance, yet doesn’t look imposing at all. Instead, it can be a cozy place for you and your family to live in.

The entryway is set by a small porch at the front, but the porch is the only that’s small in this home. The interiors are spacious and have lots of useful spaces for various activities.

Elegant Interiors, Lots of Spaces

The living room of this majestic home features sectional sofas that you can even use as a daybed or extra bed when plenty of guests are around.

There are also plenty of spaces for a home office or study area. The living room doesn’t have walls to divide the space, but you can still define these work stations with a thick rug.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Bedrooms

Like the rest of the house, the kitchen is also painted in white. Though that might be uncommon for a kitchen, it actually works perfectly with this elegant home.

Some artworks create lovely designs on the walls.

This grand home also features lovely bedrooms with an open-shelf closet for your clothes. Even the bathroom looks fantastic in this home.

It would cost at least Php3 million to build this home.