“Size doesn’t matter!”

We hear that so often it has become cliché yet there is a good reason why this adage is so popular because, for many, size really does not matter at all. This goes for many things, including houses!

Charming Blue Cottage

Take for example this charming little cottage with a cute design, beautiful blue paint, and 2 lovely bedrooms.

It might not be a grand mansion, but this house appeals to many, particularly because the small design means that it is budget-friendly to build.

The interiors are painted in white, with the bedroom doors also in white but the main door comes in a lovely brown shade.

Beautiful Design

This charming blue cottage has a beautiful design that you can truly be proud of, despite its small size. A short flight of stairs with brown tiles leads to the entryway that doubles as a small porch if you want extra space to hang out.

The blue gable roof perfectly matches the lovely blue exterior walls that come with white and orange detail as accents.

Compact Floor Plan, Lovely Interiors

You’ve got to admire the compact floor plan of this house. The main door directly opens to the living room while the two bedrooms are lined up to the right. The stylish ceiling over the living room is decked with a beautiful chandelier at the middle.

There’s only space for one sofa but you can opt for a sofa bed to transform the spot into an extra guest bedroom, if needed. The bedrooms look lovely and come equipped with wood furnishings.

Modern Kitchen, Cute Bathroom

Towards the back, separated by a wall but without a fixed door, is a small but well-equipped modern kitchen. The L-shaped counters have black granite countertops and white cabinet doors. There’s ample counter space for various modern appliances you might need for food preparation.

A small dining table is picked for this house but you can opt for a much bigger one, though it is still best pushed to the wall to create more space to move around in the kitchen.

Made of concrete with sliding glass windows and other modern features, this cute 2-bedroom house would still need at least Php800,000 to build.