Beautiful Blue Cottage with a Modern Design

Looking for a cottage with a modern design for your home? This charming blue cottage features a lovely porch, modern roof design, and blue exteriors that look pleasing to the eyes. Inside, the house has sky blue walls and shiny wood-inspired ceramic tiles.

White trim is used around the house to accent the blue color while planters are placed at strategic spots to make this place look homey and welcoming. The small, compact design puts the kitchen and living room in one place.

A flat roof design is used over the house, with separate roofs placed over different sections to create an interesting look.

Lovely Porch, Beautiful House Design

A great place to call home, this small house features a nice design that looks appealing on the outside and even inside. Entrance to the house is through the small porch that’s elevated and makes a great hangout any time of the day.

Grills are placed over the windows to provide safety for your home while also adding style to the house’s look.