Set next to the beach, this beautiful blue house is one with nature and has a lovely roof deck from where you can enjoy the view. The contemporary design makes this house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood yet also creates a nice space that you’ll love to live in.

Blue House with Lovely Roof Deck

The house is made of concrete, glass, and metal.

Built so close to the sea, it would require a lot of maintenance to ensure that it will last long against the elements, but with regular checking, a house like this will be just fine.

The interiors are planned well, ensuring that there’s space for various activities without encroaching on everyone’s private space.

Lovely Roof Deck, Great House Design

The porch area is enclosed in glass and topped with a lovely roof deck that makes a perfect hangout, especially at night. Stainless steel railings provide protection around the roof deck while sturdy concrete posts support the spot.

This dream house design is something that many people love to have as their home. The contemporary design is boxy yet still stylish.

Elegant Interiors, Cool Designs

Aside from the lovely porch, there’s a separate living room with an elegant design inside the house. The leather couch is a great spot to relax while enjoying movie marathons on the flat-screen TV mounted on the wall.

The house features ceilings with cool designs and creative built-in shelves on the wall.

Beautiful Bedrooms, Spacious Kitchen

It is fun to live in this modern home with beautiful bedrooms where you can relax any time of the day. The bedrooms have pull-out beds, making each one perfect for extra guests or those living with a large family. You can always keep the lower beds hidden during the daytime and pulled out when needed.

This house features a spacious kitchen with a 6-seater table in the middle. Building this house could cost around Php2 million.