What used to be an unkempt bodega in the backyard got transformed into a tiny but stylish house – and we definitely love it!

The new home even features a roof deck, a charming string of lights across the patio, and a hammock hanging across the other end.

It’s a cute little home that we’ll surely love to also have in our yard.

Painted in all white, this new home is a far cry from the unkempt bodega that used to occupy this spot.

Though it appears that they might have kept most of the concrete and hollow block structure, building this from scratch could be fairly easy to do, thanks to its simple design.

Make sure that the posts of your tiny house are made of strong materials that could help carry the weight of the roof deck upstairs, which is most certainly built with a concrete floor.

Welcoming Deck, Tiny but Lovely House

Because the house itself is small, there isn’t a lot of room inside for entertaining your guests.

But that’s easy to do by extending your living room into the deck.

Just put some chairs, a table, and a bench – and this spot would be perfect for hanging out and welcoming your guests.

You can also enjoy dining al fresco at this lovely deck, especially at night when the string of lights creates a beautiful ambiance.

Stylish House, Modern Roof Deck

We love the modern roof deck of this house that features glass half-walls, though it would be safer to use steel railings for this spot.

You can also opt to keep this design but add some steel frames to secure the glass.

A staircase made of steel provides access to the roof deck.

Compact but Impressive Interiors

The sliding glass doors open directly to the living room with an oversized couch that can also double as an extra bed when needed.

Due to the limited space, the TV is mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed.

The interiors are small but the furniture pieces upgrade its look to a stylish home.

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Because of the roof deck, building this house from scratch might cost you at least Php500,000, although it can cost less if built on an existing structure or more if you need to add other features or want to make the space bigger.