Boutique House Resort-Style with 1 Bedroom, Beautiful Garden

Boutique House

Whether you are looking for a beautiful design for a guest house or a resort-style boutique house for your family. This lovely home can serve as a nice guide for you to copy.

It features a lovely design that is made mostly of wood. With beautiful accent pieces that brings added beauty inside and out.

Surrounded by plenty of green plants in the garden, this house is truly a cool, homey place to live in. The greens around the house bring added curb appeal while also keeping the house cool.

The interior might not be big, but it is not cramped with too many furniture.

Welcoming House, Beautiful Boutique House Exterior

There’s a small porch with tiled floors. Log posts that easily match the wooden railings, large wood door, and wood chair.

front view

The simple house design features

  • concrete walls painted in white,
  • with wood trim and
  • a gable roof painted in light red, with a gutter painted in white.

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