Fancy a youthful, colorful home that’s nice to look at and also comfortable to live in? You’ll enjoy living in this modern home with brightly colored apple green walls that look great during day or night.

The porch occupies a large space at the front area where you can hang out with friends. It also comes with built-in benches that have a sturdy back for your safety.

With its modern design, this house looks beautiful even from afar. The flat roofs are set at an angle opposite each other, with the smaller, shorter porch roof angled towards the front of the house.

Fancy Design

Such a fancy house design makes this a great place to live, especially for a growing family with fun-loving kids. It is easy to see why this design is popular among young homeowners, particularly those who wish for a beautiful house to live in with an elegant appearance.

The large windows perfectly complement the house, adding sophistication to its look. This home also features sliding glass doors at the main entrance.

Lovely Living Room

The huge glass doors directly lead to the living room that you can furnish with a comfortable couch. Pick built-in display cabinets and a flat-screen TV to maximize the space. Don’t forget to install stylish floor-length curtains behind the main doors for privacy, particularly at night.

A unique lamp is picked for the living room, acting both as source of illumination and conversation piece.

Nice Kitchen and Bathroom

Although a bit on the small side, the kitchen is nice and comes with a sliding glass window by the sink and a single-line counter with a granite top.

As with the kitchen, the bathroom is also small but it is comfortable and is decorated with green camouflage tiles that actually brightens up the place.

This 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php1.2 million.