Looking for a house design that you can build for around Php2 million ($39,300)? This brown-colored modern house features 3 bedrooms and a gorgeous design that fits within that budget.

It features a hip-style roof in dark brown color, exterior walls in varied tones and hues of brown, and glass doors and windows that make the home look more elegant. There is a large, welcoming porch at the front that also has brown tiles and brown accents everywhere.

White trim is used in contrast with the brown tones, creating a nice effect that adds to this home’s curb appeal.

Beautiful Exteriors

A built-in bench is placed in the porch for an added hangout for you and your family. Porch lights look great while the stainless steel railings and handlebars complement the modern look.

This home makes use of concrete, bricks, stainless steel, and glass for an elegant overall effect that you are surely going to love.