Interested in a 4-bedroom house that is simple but still so beautiful? This brown house with a gable roof and 4 spacious bedrooms might be the design you want to use as inspiration for your own home.

The house design is interesting enough on the outside, even with its brown walls. There’s a porch at the front and an open spot to the left that you can extend to create a carport. White paint is used on the frames around the door and glass windows as well as the accents all over the place.

The white ceilings around the house have holes for ventilation.

Modern House Design

A modern home for your family, the house design features a lovely façade with a nice porch where you can relax. A built-in bench faces the main doors from the porch.

The exteriors feature different elements that make this house look interesting despite its somewhat dull color. But you can always choose to brighten up the place with a more cheerful paint job.

Nice Interiors, 4 Bedrooms

This home features nice interiors that also have brown paint on the walls, but in a lighter, more greyish tone compared with the exteriors. The floors have white marble-inspired tiles while the ceilings have a stylish design with plenty of lights.

The long hallway connects the four bedrooms of this modern home. These bedrooms are spacious, with plenty of space for large beds and a full closet.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Bathrooms

With black tiles and a stainless-steel hood, the modern kitchen looks fantastic! Sliding glass windows brighten up the space while the cabinets are elegant, matching the black tiles on the walls. Brown doors are used on the cabinets that actually look stylish.

The 2 bathrooms also look elegant, with black floor tiles that extend to about halfway up the walls. The rest of the bathrooms have greyish brown tiles. Budget for house construction is around Php1.5 million.