What makes a house a home? It’s definitely not its size! That’s why this house can be a good place for your family to call home because it’s a budget-friendly option that still has all the elements you’ll need for a nice, comfortable place to stay.

You can always upgrade the sections later when your budget allows.

Built with wood and steel, but can also be constructed using concrete, this house has a unique design. It’s a duplex style with the two homes having the same design but set at an angle against each other. The exteriors are painted in brown with some white accents, while the interiors are in cream or ivory.

Comfortable Porch, Creative Duplex Design

Great for two families to share, this house features a duplex design that has a porch at the front portion. There’s a floor-to-ceiling wall that separates the two porch areas for privacy.

The entrance for each house is through the porch area, with a white door that contrasts beautifully the brown walls.

Simple Yet Lovely Interiors

This house isn’t big but it features lovely interiors that you can decorate with posh furnishings and elegant curtains to match. While the TV in this house is set on top of a table with built-in shelves, you can opt to mount it on the wall for a neater look.

There’s a small yet comfortable spot for the living room. You can opt for a sofa bed so this spot can convert into an extra sleeping area at night.

Nice Bedrooms, Simple Bathroom

A small house like this doesn’t have a lot of space for the bedrooms, but you can maximize the space by pushing the bed to the corner and using built-in cabinets for your clothes.

The bathroom is also small but it becomes stylish with some accessories.

Depending on the materials used, one house in the duplex can cost less than Php1 million.