In building a budget-friendly house, you can still have a beautifully designed home without breaking the bank. Take for example this small 2-bedroom house that still looks great with its modern design but was built for a budget of less than Php1 million.

The sharp, angular design of this house would have been boring on its own, but the architects added some accents that makes the exterior look stylish. A small porch at the front is added more for style than a place to hang out.

The house makes use of concrete with bricks as accent that frames a window beside the front door, creating the illusion that the window is part of the main door.

Modern Style

This home has a modern style, with its exterior walls painted in grey with marble effects. Dark grey paint is used on the window frames while the front porch also has grey tiles.

Even the lights added on the porch look modern.

The main door is actually the sliding French doors framed in white, not the brick-styled window accent to the right.