What can you have for Php60k? Well, the newly released iPhone 14 Plus costs around Php64,000, but this amount can already build a cozy house with lovely amakan walls! That’s what Gracelfie Mat and her family were able to achieve for this amount – a budget-friendly yet lovely amakan house with a concrete foundation, wood posts and beams, and GI sheets for the roof. It also features an open plan and some modern amenities.

According to Gracelfie, this house measures 10×10 ft. Although it’s tiny, it’s something that they can call their own and gives them peace of mind, away from toxic people.

We couldn’t agree more…

Lovely Amakan House on a Budget

When building a house on a budget, it’s important to take a look at the materials you’ll use.

Concrete is expensive, but it’s the perfect foundation to use to ensure that your native house can last longer. You can always update the other parts of the house when the budget allows.

Like this home, the foundation is built in concrete, but the rest of the house is made of wood and amakan.

Open-Plan, Stylish Interiors

Due to the tiny space, the homeowners decided to use an open plan for the house, and didn’t have any dividers even for the bedroom. Still, this design is good and could later be improved if you add extensions.

To make the most of this small space, the house features floor-length curtains that actually upgrade the interior’s look. These curtains make the space look more elegant.

Another excellent option is to add double walling and to paint it in white or cream. Again, that’s something that you can add later when the budget allows.

Modern Amenities and Kitchen

Although the kitchen space is small, it has modern amenities, including a small oven, air fryer, rice cooker, and other important features.

The fridge is located beside the TV stand, easily accessible from the kitchen and small dining area.

Source: Gracelfie Mat / Awesome Philippines Houses