Finding the right design for your home can be a challenge, but here’s one that we really love for its beautiful design and wallet-friendly budget. It’s also going to be a perfect design for an AirBNB unit – you’re guests are going to love the unique design!

The ground floor features a layout that’s typical of a studio-type home but the bedroom part is placed at the loft area accessed using the beautiful wooden stairs that match the railings.

beautiful loft home

It’s easy to fall in love with this charming home and use this design or modify some sections to your liking. You can also opt to choose other colors for your home.

Lovely Loft Home with Mixed Materials

There are actually many different materials you can use to build this home, depending on your preferences and budget.

For example, some might choose long-span roof materials for the walls to create a container-inspired design that’s also ideal for areas with termite infestation or a place that’s prone to storms.

But if you’re short on budget, this design can even work with amakan walls that you can later upgrade to concrete when the budget allows.

For this home in particular, the walls are made of cement board and plywood interiors painted in white.

Windows Galore, Open Floor Plan

This home features lots of windows, making the space more airy and bright despite the small space. Shiny floor tiles make the place look more elegant – and that’s a sturdy choice, too.

The L-shaped kitchen counters are made with a mix of plywood and tiles, creating a lovely but budget-friendly spot for preparing your meals. Just make sure to add sealants to the plywood and regularly update the paint to extend its life.

There’s also a nice bathroom with brown tiles and white fixtures.

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You can have this house built for a budget of less than Php1 million, though the amount can be higher if you choose high-end materials or more expensive choices (such as long-span roof material for the walls).

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses