In need of a budget-friendly house design with a beautiful design? This lovely house is a great place to live in, has 1 bedroom, and offers a compact design where you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay.

This compact home would be great for a couple, whether honeymooners or a retired couple who don’t really need to have plenty of space since there are no kids to live with them in this property. The house would also make a great addition as guesthouse at your yard.

Beautiful inside and out, the house features a polished plaster wall with stylish design and modern interiors.

Lovely Outdoor Design

This house features a lovely outdoor design, with its long terrace that could actually double as a carport if the house didn’t have a neighbor at the side. Aside from this terrace, there is a porch covered with brown tiles.

There’s a gorgeous living room with glass walls on one side, set beside the porch.