A lot of people think that building a house requires a lot of money and that they have to spend millions to get it all done. But there are actually plenty of house designs for a modern home that would fit even a homeowner with a tight budget.

In this budget-friendly house design that features two bedrooms and a balcony, every bit of space is well thought of so that there’s no wasted space. Thus, you can have it built even if you don’t have a lot of money.

Although this house has a modern design, it still features a simple design that makes it easier on the wallet.

Large glass windows and sliding glass doors complement the home’s modern design, but you could always opt for cheaper options if you can find such at your local home builder’s store.

The main entrance to this lovely home is through the front balcony that features stairs at the side, leading up to the elevated space. Put a few chairs here to make this place a hangout.

The dining area does not take up a lot of space as the table could be set flush to the wall but with still enough space for the entire family to eat. You could always move the table towards the center during dinner time if you have guests around or if the family grows bigger.

A common toilet is located beside the well-equipped kitchen that features built-in cabinets. Modern stoves are placed with the top at the same level as the sink for a sleek, modern look.

There are only two bedrooms in this house, but it also features an office just in case you work from home.

The house makes use of a flat roof design, but still creates a visually beautiful look that doesn’t make this 2-bedroom modern house boring at all.