When you invest in a house, there are a lot of considerations that you have to remember. Aside from the lot where you will build your house, the materials and the size of the house are some of the most important initial facts to tackle.

Though this can be overwhelming to some, especially new homeowners or newly-weds who wish to have their own homes.

Of course, the main consideration is its budget. Especially when prices of materials are continually spiking up in the Philippines.

One solution that some homeowners do is to have an open layout for their house so that they can have the option to extend the exterior wall for more space later.

Having this option can give the owner some peace of mind that if ever they need more space in the future for business, or when their family grows big, they will not have to look for a new home, but instead, they can just renovate.

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Budget-Friendly House Designs Suitable In The Philippines

For those who are still in the process of looking for design options, scroll down to see these easy-to-build and affordable houses that are suitable in the Philippines.

Clay Brick House

Budget-Friendly House Designs 1

Purely Concrete

Budget-Friendly House Designs 2

Pre-fab House

Budget-Friendly House Designs 3

Cubic Simple 2-storey house

Budget-Friendly House Designs 4

Cream Concrete House

Budget-Friendly House Designs 5

Basic Sturdy House

Budget-Friendly House Designs 6

Dainty Stone House

Budget-Friendly House Designs 7

Classic White And Wood

Budget-Friendly House Designs 8

Wooden Cabin Log House

Budget-Friendly House Designs 9

The materials used in these houses is abundantly available in the Philippines. You won’t need to go over budget trying to create your dream home. All you have to do is decide on what kind of house you want and what kind of house best suits your needs, lifestyle, and your neighborhood.

Once you’ve decided what design you want, it’s time to hire an architect to finalize the plan that you are thinking of.

Source: Homify