Budget-Friendly Modern House with 2 Bedrooms, Large Carport

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Small and budget-friendly, this modern house is a great place for you and your family to live in. It can easily grow with your family, with possible options for extensions if you want to add some more rooms.

This home features a nice carport on one side, with some rough tiles that match the ones on the porch. With that, this space can also easily double as an additional living room where you can welcome your guests.

A box-type house, this budget-friendly home is painted predominantly in green, with brown lines. White is used to frame the windows, but you can also opt to use brown or black to match the rest of the house.

Modern Style

A squarish house that has a low roof, this budget-friendly home has a modern style that would fit in any setting. It does not require a lot of space but you can choose to expand if you want to. The modern design features a porch at the front and a carport to the left.

This budget-friendly modern house can be built for less than Php1 million.