Building A House On A Tiny Lot? Here Are Small Home Designs You Can Follow

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Acquiring a property can be a little expensive and worse, the expenses never stop after purchasing a lot.

But in order to enjoy your own land, you must build a house on it, right? After all, a property is built to make your life more comfortable.

But what happens if all you can afford is a tiny lot, how would you build a home for 5 persons?

Designing your own should not be limited to the capacity of your lot. While it does matter, technically, you can always tweak the design to make your house still looking presentable.

You do not need to live in a hut to match your lot size! You only have to be creative in making your dream house come true, whatever the situation is.

1. Miniature House

This white harbor house looks big from the outside because its details are very similar to big houses. Having a tiny lot should never limit you from building your dream house with a nice garden and a spacious porch.

Enormous and open windows also help with air to circulate and light to come in.

Miniature House

2. Tiny Greenhouse

What do you need to survive in a compact residence? Minimalists are 100% able to survive without big closets, a dishwasher, or a queen-sized bed. Having no extra space for a tiny greenhouse is also not an issue here since you can always display healthy plants to make your house look happier.

Tiny Greenhouse

Movable Mini House