Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans  1
Amazing Architecture

Sometimes, looking at floor plans and shop drawings of architectural details is not as inviting to some people. Sometimes, they would rather see colored perspectives, or colored plans, 3D would be better. Just for them to appreciate the design of the house more.

This bungalow that we are featuring today includes a 3D floor plan that will surely be a joy to see and understand.

Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans  2
Amazing Architecture

Building codes in any country require houses to have open space on all sides of the house. But for lots that are small, this may pose as a problem.

Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans  3
Amazing Architecture

Pinoy House Designs offer a rather practical and great way to maximize a small lot by having a firewall on one side of the house. This can give the house a chance to maximize the lot, without putting a risk to their neighbors in case of fire.