3d Floor Plan

Just looking at the 3D perspective of this design makes you want to purchase the house right away. What a better way to instill class and elegance to a small lot while still giving out a pop of life than to have this incredibly sweet yellow firewalled house.

Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans 4
Amazing Architecture

This house does not have a garage but it has a covered porch that is supported by columns that add identity to the house.

The main door opens up to the living room which is slightly adjacent to the dining room.

Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans 5
Amazing Architecture

The two key areas make use of the house’s facade to take in the most natural light that the big windows can give.

The kitchen and the common toilet and bath are way behind the house, with the bedrooms all placed on the Westside to make use of the early morning sun.

Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans  6
Amazing Architecture
Bungalow With 3D Floor Plans 7
Amazing Architecture

Top View

Amazing Architecture

Photo Courtesy Amazing Architecture /PinoyEplans