Nice Bungalow with Provision for a Second Floor for Future Renovations

Everyone knows that building a house can be costly, and it might take you decades to finally build your dream home. But why wait you can start building, and just slowly grow it when you have money? That appears to be the case if this half-finished house currently features a bungalow but has provisions for a second floor.

The grand house design features a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, a nice bathroom, and an enclosed porch.

Although the exteriors don’t have paint, the unfinished look gives you the option to pick your favorite color or a neutral one if you’re to use this design as inspiration.

From Bungalow to Two-Story House

Definitely a huge, grand house when it’s finally completed, even the current bungalow look for this house already looks so beautiful. The porch and windows have grills made from thick rectangular tubes painted with black for a sleek look.

There’s already a sturdy staircase built inside the house, with concrete and stainless steel. At the main entrance of this house is an enclosed porch with ledges filled with plants. There are also built-in benches.

Grand Interiors, Beautiful Accents

Having a lot of space always gives you an advantage in a house because it lets you have huge spaces for the living room and other common areas.

Plenty of beautiful accents also graces this house, including creative ceiling designs. There are also nice lights picked for various sections of this home, adding beauty to your home.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Dining Area

Towards the back is a modern kitchen that currently doubles as the house’s mini garage. Sleek built-in cupboards with glass doors contour along and over the L-shaped counters. Matching cabinets are also built under the counters, with wood and glass doors, too.

The dining area is set by the stairs, marked by a carpet. Due to its sheer size and the second-floor provision, it can cost you around Php2 million to build this home. You’ll also need to prepare more for the second floor, later on.