Francesca and Nicholas love to travel a lot! So, when they found an old school bus being sold, they decided to buy it and convert it into their home on wheels. The couple managed to transform the yellow bus into a beautiful white home that they can bring anywhere they wanted to achieve their travel goals!

What’s so perfect about this kind of home is that they get to enjoy road trips and go to many places with just gas money and energy to drive the long miles to reach their destination. They didn’t have to worry about paying for public transport or a hotel room because they bring their house everywhere they go.

Simple, Practical Exteriors

This bus started out as a yellow school bus but the couple painted in white. While they could have made it a fancier color with artsy designs just like the interiors, the white is practical. This keeps the bus cool even on hot summer days and it doesn’t attract a lot of attention when it is parked somewhere.

When parked, the couple would but wooden stairs beside the door so it would be easier and safer for them move in or out the bus.

Superb Interiors

You’ll be amazed by the design of this bus home’s interior. Wood is used for the ceiling and the floors, creating a classy look in this huge bus. The couch is set to one side of the house but easily converts to a bed for the couple’s three adorable dogs.

Although they keep on moving, the couple also added many plants in their bus home. Many were curious how the plants aren’t falling off their spots, but the pots are probably attached to the bus.

Attention to Detail

Because the space is limited, every inch of space is well thought of when building this charming bus home. The bathroom and toilet are separated but are located just across each other. This also helps keep plumbing materials and expenses at a minimum.

The bedroom occupies the end portion of the bus. It is lovely and has a huge bed. This is most likely built-in, too.

This bus house is so impressive as it even has a full kitchen! There’s a gas range plus ample space for preparing food.