A design that works perfectly well even in a jungle or rural setting as well as an urban area, you’ll fall in love with this 1-bedroom Caribbean style wooden house that’s simply so perfect as an artist retreat or a cabin for a couple.

The house is a slightly raised wooden floor, with four steps on the wooden stairs. Partitioned with white wooden battens, the exterior wall looks great. The rest of the walls are painted in natural brown wood color.

caribbean Style Wooden House

The white batten portion actually works as a natural ventilation system for this house and gives an airy feel to the living room.

Native House Design

With its natural wood walls and beautiful wood floors, this house has a native design that appeals to many people. The wood is made of GI sheets, with slats near the top for a dormer that provides added ventilation.

The shiny walls on this native house make it look awesome plus also create a protective covering on the wood. Make sure to repaint every year to keep waterproofing on the wood walls.

Gorgeous Interior Design

The beautiful wood floors look absolutely great! Focus is given on the woodwork that looks simple but elegant. The white walls and ceilings create a lovely contrast with the natural wood on the floors.

caribbean Style Wooden House interiors

Retaining its resort vibe, this house features a huge wooden bed with a thick mattress and elegant mosquito nets. The flat-screen TV mounted on the wall connects residents to the modern world while still retaining the house’s native appeal.

Beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom

With its resort-like theme, you can expect to have every inch of this house looking fabulous. The country-style kitchen looks fantastic, with its wooden counters and charming wood cabinets. Huge French windows open from the kitchen to let natural light and fresh air in.

The atmosphere of a Caribbean style wooden house is truly welcoming, with the bathroom looking fantastic. Stylish tiles are used on the floor and walls while the glass shower enclosure is a modern fixture that you’ll surely appreciate.

This 1-bedroom house looks luxurious beyond the expected price of less than Php1 million.