In search of a little house with just 1 bedroom? A lot of people these days actually prefer a small, easy-to-maintain house. This makes it easier to build this type of home with just about any budget.

Built for less than Php600,000, this charming 1-bedroom house is set on a nice platform about a foot above the ground. There’s a lovely little porch at the front for hanging out but the living room is also quite spacious inside this home.

The flat roof keeps the house looking modern and also provides an affordable alternative to gable or hip roofs. Because of its tiny size, this house is perfectly complemented by the huge glass windows and sliding glass doors.

Nice Porch, Lovely Design

The porch at the front of this house is a good place for hanging out. However, the roof is a bit too small for it to be comfortable on hot sunny days or when it rains. But this porch is great for enjoying the beautiful views around the house.

Make sure to keep the garden and yard looking lovely to best complement this charming home. The house design is simple yet also lovely.

Stylish Interiors

The living room occupies the space directly accessed from the main doors. It’s easy to provide privacy for this home with floor-length curtains on the sliding glass doors. The living room also features a beautifully designed ceiling with stylish lights.

One lovely bedroom features wood parquet-inspired floor tiles that match the ones used in the living room and dining area. This space also has several large windows as well as white walls to make the spot appear much larger.

Small But Functional Bathroom

You can’t expect a huge bathroom for this tiny house but it has a functional bathroom that features light brown tiles. There’s a shower inside the bathroom but it shares space with the toilet.