First impressions last! That’s how this charming 1-bedroom house wants to present itself as it features a stylish front porch that would make you think the interior would surely be so beautiful as well.

Set on a platform, the house is a little bit elevated. This creates a nice porch that covers the length of the house. Short railings wrap around the porch and are painted in white.

This house has a compact design, with white interior walls and tiles to brighten up the space and make this small abode look bigger than it actually is. Meanwhile, the flat, sloping roof is stylish and economical.

Stylish Porch, Impressive Design

The porch is really the highlight of this charming 1-story house. The posts are painted in forest green while accents made of stone wrap around each of the post to create an affect that adds curb appeal to this home.

Although small, it is truly something that you can be proud of! The impressive design features a split roof, with the main roof sloping towards the back and the porch roof sloping down the front.