Built for a budget-friendly price of just around Php850,000+, this charming 1-story house built on high ground features 2 bedrooms and a nice porch with lovely wood-backed built-in benches.

Stilts support the structure and keeps it on high ground, making this house ideal for flood-prone areas or those near the seashore. The structure is also made mostly of wood, making a relatively lightweight home that would also be cool even on hot summer days.

While this home is painted in light grey and white, you can opt to pick a blue hue to upgrade the look to a marine-themed home. The roof over the main part of the house create a grey pyramid over the structure while the one over the porch is flat and slopes towards the front.

Lovely Porch, Nice House Design

The lovely porch is a welcoming part of the house that features two walls with sliding glass doors. One part provides direct entry to the master’s bedroom while the one is actually the main door that opens to the living room.

The house is a cross between a classic cottage and a modern house design, making this place look great. Lights with old-fashioned design decorate the porch.

Classy Interiors

With its shiny floor tiles and comfortable furniture, this house features classy interiors. Floor-length curtains also grace the living room while a dining table is pushed towards the wall. This provides a dining spot for 4 people while still allowing ample area for the living room.

A lovely hallway leads to the 2 bedrooms and the small kitchen at the end of the hall.

Stylish Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

This home features a small yet stylish kitchen with white brick-inspired wall tiles and white floor tiles with black square accents. The L-shaped granite counters have space for a small stove to one side and the sink at the other side.

The bathroom has wood-inspired floor tiles and a glass shower enclosure.