A charming house that could easily fit in, no matter what location you build it in, this 1-story home would be perfect for your family. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a contemporary design that looks beautiful, inside and out.

Just like most modern homes, this one features a porch at the front that also serves as the main entryway. However, the stairs of this house lead from the side, not from the front.

Stylish pillars support the porch area and stairs while the rest of the house copies a similar theme of bluish grey paint, white trim, and sandstone accents.

Nice Porch, Modern Design

This home boasts of a nice porch that comes with shiny wood-inspired tiles, steel railings with dark paint, and a built-in bench at one end. The porch serves as the portal to the house, with sliding glass doors easily accessible from there.

Oozing of modern charm, this house is a good place to hang out. Its flat roof is both economical and stylish while the boxy design maximizes every bit of space on its floor plan.

Stylish Interiors

Just as the exteriors look fabulous, care is taken to ensure that the interiors also look stylish. The living room features a nicely designed ceiling that acts as centerpiece to this spot, with deco lights for added effect.

Even the puzzle-style shelves on the cabinets at the living room make a good conversational piece.

Modern Kitchen

As to be expected of this contemporary home, this one also features a modern kitchen that comes complete with a stainless-steel hood installed right above the stove. The L-shaped counters are strategically placed by lovely windows with white frames.

The stainless-steel sink also looks stylish while the white cabinets match the overall color scheme of the kitchen. A 3-bedroom house like this costs around Php2 million to build.