Looking for a compact design for your home? Check out this charming One-story pink house that features 1 bedroom and elegant design, both inside and out.

Suitable for a newlywed couple or a family that is just starting out, this beautiful home is a cute abode that could easily grow with the family, if space permits. With its elegant design, this charming home can also make a beautiful home for retirees or may be used as vacation home for the family.

Its charming pink exteriors and pearly white interiors offer a welcoming atmosphere to everyone living in this abode.

Stylish Exteriors

From front to back, this charming home looks stylish, with rock-inspired accents adding to its curb appeal. It is set on a platform that’s 50cm off the ground. The terrace has built-in benches so you wouldn’t have to spend extra cash on furnishing this spot.

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White trims are used on the windows and around the doors.