Log cabins make an ideal option as your home, not only because these are cozier than homes made of concrete but also because they do look great without even trying hard to – and that’s all thanks to the natural wood used in construction.

While many concrete homes wish to mimic log cabins using special paint or even wallpaper, log cabins are naturally lovely.

In this charming 3-bedroom log cabin, gorgeous interiors are sure to wow the owners and guests alike. While the façade of this home does not really look grand, the interior is a sight to behold!

A welcoming porch greets you as you enter this lovely abode. It covers the entire length of the house’s front area, providing plenty of space for you to hang out and enjoy a chat with your friends or just relaxing as you watch the view.

Design ideas for the interior feature shiny wood floorboards, large glass windows, and opulent furniture pieces to complete the grand look. You can keep the décor to a minimum because this house simply shines on its own, even without a lot of fancy stuff.

This log cabin looks better with stone pieces inside, with accents in the kitchen and living room using stone cladding or even ceramic tiles that mimic stone.

A full kitchen shares space with the dining room just beside the living room.

Two cozy bedrooms can be found on the first floor, with a common toilet and bath set to one side. A small closet adds extra space and utilizes the empty area under the stairs.

The loft only has the master’s bedroom with its ensuite toilet and bath. The space takes up half of the house, on the same side as the bedrooms below, while the other half is left open to provide a higher ceiling for the living room.

You’ll surely love this gorgeous log cabin from HYGGE HOUZE.