Simple on the outside but elegant on the inside, this charming 3-bedroom house sits on 110 sqm of space and features a modern design that you’ll enjoy having as your home.

Two flat roofs are set at an angle with each other, creating a nice modern design that adds to the home’s curb appeal. A small porch is set at the front, creating a welcoming area.


The house has grey exteriors, with rusty red accents, yet this does not make the house look drab at all. Instead, the colors create a subdued, sophisticated look. Meanwhile, the interiors are in white, brightening up the space and making your house look much larger than it is.

Nice Exteriors, Great Floor Plan

Grey is used in the exteriors, with a darker shade used for the base. This theme is used from the front to the back. This home also features glass windows with dark frame that create a nice contrast with the lighter walls.

Despite only having just 110 sqm of space, the house features a compact floor plan with three spacious bedrooms.

Lovely Interiors

The interiors of this home are painted in white, allowing you to play with colors on the furniture and curtains. The house owner sticks with the grey theme, using this on the curtains and bedroom doors but you can opt for brighter colors.

A large multi-media cabinet is set on one wall while a sofa bed is provided at the living room to double as extra bed for afternoon naps or when lots of visitors are in your home.

Spacious Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

The kitchen is located at the back, with lots of space to move around. The L-shaped counters can be provided with built-in cabinets.

Towards the end of the kitchen is a nice bathroom that’s small but clearly separates the wet and dry areas with a short partition.

This 3-bedroom home could be built for a basic budget of Php1.6 million.