This charming cottage is a fantastic place to live in, what with its adorable design, compact floor plan, and great design features that you’ll truly be proud of. The exteriors come with mostly sky blue walls and some white trim that make the house look so cute and neat.

A brown picket fence completes the charming cottage look but still features some modern touches, like the stone base with tile walls. Sliding glass doors are used at the front, making the house appear bigger when these are fully opened.

Mint green walls grace the interiors while the adorable cartoon mural brightens up the bedroom.

Beautiful House Design

This house looks great inside and out. Despite its small floor area, it still looks spacious thanks to the compact floor plan that considers movement and functions inside the house.

It makes use of a gable roof design, with a separate little roof for the entryway for a lovelier look. The blue exterior walls look pleasing to the eyes while the white trim perfectly complements the design.

Lovely Interiors, Nice Back Area

Mint green is used for the walls, creating a soothing look that can perfectly match any furniture or artwork you decide to put inside. White furniture pieces are used in this home while grey curtains grace the windows.

The marble tiles extend towards the back, creating continuity in this charming little home. The semi-French doors to the rooms are painted in white to match the trim.

Even the back area of this home looks great, with tiles and ample space for a nice laundry area.

Stylish Bathrooms, Modern Kitchen

The bathrooms might be small but both look stylish. Shelves were fitted above the toilet to display some of the owner’s prized action figure while the other features shower materials. The sink is stylized over a small table in one and cabinets in the other.

Just like the rest of the house, the small kitchen was well-planned and still provides ample space for your needs.

This house costs around Php1 million to build.